mariozeldakirby The Bitter Find Fanart Challenge!

Hello all you Otakus!! I'm making my first challenge! and I think some of you will like it! ^ ^

This really isn't that hard of a challenge...because everyone wins!!

Some of you may know my manga The Bitter Find or have seen my drawings of my characters (you can watch my 'trailer' here

My challenge is going to be fun and exciting (I hope)! And here is what you gotta do..

1. Draw any character(s) from The Bitter Find
2. They have to be drawn by you!
3. Draw either, Daren, Ember, Jackie, Ryan, or all of them!
4. You must submit it under "original anime or manga"
5. tag it as "the bitter find" "double maximus" "mariozeldakirby"
6. ........uh... HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE!!

You guys wanna know what the prizes are??!! ^ o ^

Whoever submits a picture, doesn't matter who you are! I'm going to put your drawings in my manga when I get it published! YEP THATS RIGHT! You will have your drawings in the back of The Bitter Find in the fanart section!

*and there are a lot of you who have already drawn some Bitter Find pics for me, so those will automatically go in the book! ^ ^*

umm...and I will need you name and city/state or country that you live in to put beside each picture!

I hope lots of you will join! TAKE CARE!!

deadline is August 8th! ^ - ^ I may make it later then that.

~~Ciara Jackson~~

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The Bitter Find ~Erie Machista
Ember&Daren:Two of a code! ~VampireBat12
Rain Hides His Tears ~LillithSrevenGe93
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