Sabriela Hellena O.O pop quiz?

I HATE THOSE THINGS!its like i havent been studying then OOPS something to do with something i dont know. well now its happening again. some of you are familiar with my class, well Wingedshadowwolf was right,this is a quiz for all you who where planning on using my comic.^u^ and others if you want.

The request: i want you to sketch me something,based on what i already have in the dont need to edit it at all. just tell me in the description what you were aiming on improving.
For you people who want to enter but havent seen my comic or are so good you dont need it ;) make a sketch inspired by my comic and tell me in the description what part inspired it.

now to complicate it all.

Rulze:(because we do)
1. it must be a sketch
2. it must be baised on the comic
3. it must fit the o' rules
4. use OC's
5. no nudity please
6. you may enter as many as you want(only one of your works can win)
7. if i invited you it means i want to see your work, so please enter
8. im just adding this to get you motivated,

now the fun part,(if you are wondering why im adding prizes when i still havent done the ones from my last challenge yet, dont, i will get it all done, at my own pace,and when i have time i always do what i can.)

1.i will give all everyone who enters a gift!
2. i will make a fan art sketch for the 3 winners, i will not tell them what it is but i will find something i think theyd like.

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