edisshort Fruit Salad

Ok. I knew the name "Fruit Salad" would attract many of you because of its randomness.

First of all, this is a contest in which your oc is sitting on or posing with their favorite fruit. Yes. You heard me. They must have their favorite fruit somewhere in the picture. There could even be a fruity wallpaper in the background.

1. You can use any fruit. Heck, you can use the devils fruit from One Piece if you wanted to.
2. This does not have to be colored because I know that coloring can sometimes kill the detail, but I recommend coloring if you are using a digital camera to get your picture on the computer. (But not saying that you have to.)
3. Follow site rules! No hentai, no swearing, nothing that your mom wouldn't hang on the fridge.
4. Put the name of your oc in the description and their age, stats, personality, etc. I like to know a little bit about your oc's history. I wouldn't want a Yakuza member winning this contest. (Unless they play fair )
5. Have fun, be creative, and I'll see you in one month's time!

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Chorus's Blueberry ~luluseason
Strawberries ~nosheep13
Kira Loves Tomatoes! ~KiKi 777352
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