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"Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold body radiation." - Wikipedia

The challenge is to: Draw a character with luminescent characteristics or within a light-emitting scenery. The object of this challenge is to contrast darkness with light in an appealing manner. You may have more than one character in the image, they can OCs, characters from a fandom (both manga, realistic movie, or game), or an animal. If you want to go ahead and create your own type of glowing creature, that's also fine with me ♥ While these previous topics would be preferred, your picture can also solely focus on a bioluminescence: it may include living organisms like fungi (glowing mushrooms) or inanimate objects such as lanterns lighting up a dark street. Have fun with your entry and be as creative as you want to.

○ Follow the rules and guidelines of theOtaku.com
○ Can be colored or black & white
○ Can be any medium - digital and traditional
○ Backgrounds aren't required

Examples: [Luminol] & [Glow bike] & [Panellus stipticus]

[1st] ☼ 1 colored picture of your choice.
[2nd] ☼ 1 sketch of your choice.
[3rd] ☼ 1 head-shot sketch of your choice.

I'll be judging this based on effort and creativity. Have fun! ♫

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