HawaiianBabidoll Design Challenge: Draw anything, but include

If you want to make it as a professional artist, or if you've got art block and need a way to break it, or if you're just looking for a way to kill time, this challenge is for you.

Sometimes you'll be approached by someone who wants you to design them a character and that character must have certain traits. The rest of the design is completely up to you.

So this challenge will test to see how well you can incorporate a list of traits into an original design.

The character you are making is an excitable character seeking freedom.

It doesn't matter what species your character is. Cat, dog, human, angel, whatever, but the character you make must have the following.

  • A tail (real, fake, mechanical, anything!)
  • Hair with at least one curl (Can have more, but must have at least one strand curl)
  • A handicap (Some sort of disability, mental or physical.)
  • Incorporate a crane (can be a painting in the background, a real bird, paper crane, on the clothes, whatever. Just include 'crane' in some way)

If something in your design needs to be explained, or if you just want to tell us a bit about your design, write it in your caption. They will all be read.

Backgrounds, color, and dedications are NOT necessary.

You can submit as many times as you want (But can only win once).

Digital and traditional art are both accepted.

Winners will be chosen based on creativity, originality, how well they incorporated the traits, and the effort put into the drawing.

First place: 1 drawing request. Colored Digital or Graphite.
Second place: 1 sketch of a character of their choice.

Third place and honorable mentions will receive gifts.

NOTE: I reserve the right to ask for a new request from the winners if the requested drawing is distasteful or if I dislike the content.

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