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Like we don't have enough challeneges right? XD Well too bad! I've been thinking about this challenge for a while, and 'cause of the whole, we need to post in challenges! thing, I figured this was the best be to getting this noticed :3

Pactio is a magical contract used by many mages in Negima. The word is based on the Latin word "pactiƍ", the action of making a "pactum" or "agreement". The word 'pactio' is also fairly often called a "provisional contract." The partner with whom the pactio is formed attain abilities related to their personalities.

An advantage included in having a "pactio" is the ability for the Ministra to summon a "magic artifact". Each magic artifact reflects the Ministra summoning it, and as such, the vast majority of magic artifacts will be quite different. In the case of Nodoka, she received a magic picture diary, which reflects her title as a librarian. With Haruna, she received a magic quill and sketchbook, which ties in with her personality as an artist. As Chamo stated, there is no real way of determining just what kind of artifact is given to each new Ministra, but one can assume that the artifact will reflect an aspect of the Ministra's personality.

When a "pactio" is established, a card is created as proof of the contract. A Ministra may also "upload" different types of outfit onto their Pactio cards and wear them when activating the power of the cards.

So what is your challenge? Well, if you haven't guessed by now, it's to create your own pactio card! XD C'mon, we all know everyone's at least once wished they were magical right? Right? So if you were to be given a magical item that had to reflect your personality, what would it be?

You can either draw your picture over the card, or not use it at all if you want, as long as you draw yourself with your pactio item ^^

Still not too sure what to do? What? You didn't think I'd provide examples? Pshh.

Kazumi's pactio is a spy based artifact, because she's a perporter that always seems to be hiding to find her scoop.
Ako was given a needle that when injected can boost the ability of a person for a length of time, this could be because she works in the school infirmary.
Ku Fei was given a martial artist staff because, well, she's a martial artist.
Haruna is an artist, and so she was given an artifact that could
bring her drawings to life.
Makie is a gymnast, and she was given an artifact that tied into her talent.

So is that enough examples? Yes? Good!
Ehh, well if you still need some more info, here's the website!

All right, now on to the rules!
*crowd boos* Yes, yes, I know. But it must be done!
1. Please explain why you were given your artifact. Don't just draw the first thing that comes to mind.
2. You can enter as many times as you'd like, though usually people only get one artifact, unless they've made more than one temporary contract.

Well yeah... I think that's about it... Oh, no putting down other peoples works! Even though I know everyone's better than that. Uhm... yes. Other than making your picture completely naked; skimpiness is fine for your outfit. They do it al the time in Negima anyway ^^;;

Oh, and prizes! So far I'm thinking there'll be only a first place, but depending on how muchtime I have once this is done, I might go up to third ^^
So the prizes will be:
A fanart/or fanfic request, an icon, a wallie and a card for first place ^^

Ok? All good now? If anyone has any questions just ask!

Ahh, and people with random invites that've never heard of me before: Sorry, I just added a few random people that have drawn negima fan art before.

Bah, I meant to make it for three months DX Well, imagine that you have three months. If there are still people wanting to enter after the deadline, I'll createanother challenge so people can still get their medals!

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