CelestialSushi Turning Japanese (I Really Think So)

Hello, all!

Most, if not all, of us love the Japanese culture, or at least its cartoons, comics, and video games (after all, that's why we're here on theOtaku, right?). So, why not take a piece of that culture and apply it to something that normally wouldn't have it?

In short, this challenge is about drawing one of your favorite video game/anime/manga characters in a traditional kimono. They also don't even have to be your favorite character, just so long as you think they'd look good in a kimono.

The only trick? The character you draw cannot be one who wears a kimono on a regular basis, or as one of their commonly worn outfits. So while Edward Elric can be drawn to look quite dashing in a man's kimono, Kaoru Kamiya cannot because she is regularly seen in a kimono.

So, here's a rundown of the rules:
-Follow the guidelines of theOtaku.
-Make sure this character doesn't have a kimono as part of their wardrobe (already mentioned, but mentioning it again).
-Keep it PG-13 or under... but remember, people, kimonos cover a lot. We shouldn't be seeing anything that it should be covering!
-NO CROSSDRESSING. I know it's usually played for laughs, but please... if your character's a guy, draw him in a man's kimono, and if she's a girl, draw her in a woman's kimono.
-You don't have to color it in, especially if it's a guy's kimono, but if it's a girl's kimono, I'd love to see it in color, as would most people, I'm sure. After all, the mix of colors is one of the more striking points about the kimono.
-Oh yes... you're allowed as many entries as you'd like (but of different characters if you do submit multiple entries, please).
-Have fun! (Cheesy rule, but whatever)

For those of you not familiar with men's kimonos, here's a good place to start: Wikipedia article - Men's Kimono

So I figure two months should be about good.

As for the prizes:
-First place: a picture of you/your anime alterego, in my drawing style, wearing a kimono.
-Second place: Three gifts.
-Third place: Two gifts.

Have fun! :D

EDIT: Okay, I realize now that I wasn't specific enough in the rules... I was originally referring to a formal kimono rather than a yukata (summer kimono). However, given that it's my fault for not including that in the rules, I'm allowing yukata to be included for judging. So, good luck, everyone, and lesson learned for me (next time, I'll be sure to be dang specific).

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