SayanaChan from the deepest depths of the internet...

comes, by far, the strangest love story ever.

or maybe rather it's more of a love-hate story...

regardless -

this challenge is calling for you to depict the -tan couple of 4chan and tumblr:
anon-sama and tumblr-tan.

if you don't know the story, let me sum it up for you. 4chan (the deepest, bleakest, possibly most vile/organized recess of the internets) was sure they hated tumblr(one of the happier, kitten infested places on the internets). the feeling was probably mutual. but then they realized that they didn't have to hate each other, and decided to give the whole 'not hating each other and maybe sort of liking each other' a chance.
their relationship is kinda rough.

references for characters are here:
(in cosplay form!)
click this!

draw these two doing couple-y things (that are within the tos of goodness' sake) and being how they are. if you need more insight to them for whatever reason, pm me or do some digging around. there's info on them out there.

you've got two months to get this done, and the top three (if i even get that many) will recieve a drawing of their choice from me (or something else, like writings or a nice aim conversation, if they want some variety in their prizes).

any questions, hollah at me.
peace out, boy scouts.

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