Natsu nii I LOVE YOU! Dx *shot*

Okay! Here goes! so this is an admiration challenge-

What to do? Everyone’s seen an amazing pic or two here on theO right? I want you to pick out someone’s artwork that you think is absolutely amazing and redo that piece in your own style.

Pm the artist and get their permission before starting your version of their piece. Be sure to give credit where credit is due! Also be sure to have a link in your caption to the original picture. Try to pick challenging and interesting pictures. (But n0 nak3d p30p13z! @[email protected])

The winners of this challenge will be the people who incorporate their style to the artwork the most instead of just copying the piece exactly.* Kudos for skill too of course* If you already have a specific style, make it work! If you’re still finding your style out, try experimenting with different mediums or colors- and please let me know if you had any troubles I’ll take it into account because I’m sure this’ll be a hard challenge for some people. <:/

You may enter as many times as you wish but I doubt anyone’ll enter more than twice
All mediums allowed
And you’d better have a great time naves! Jk –have fun! :D

As far as prizes go~ heheheh *it’s a surprise! >:D*
jk –you pick one of your artworks and I’ll do it in my style! ..I want to…so much.. we can discuss prizes for sure… 9_9 ..I’ll do the best I can
hope to see your doppelganger drawings soon! ^_^

*this challenge is dedicated to our all great and powerful leader-Adam for chuckin out the challenge challenge-lets get to 300 entries out there guys! ^_^*
*pulls out notebook too*

THANKYOU TO THOSE WHO ENTERED! i've been running around like a chicken w/ it's head cut off so i was unable to comment on all of your peices ;w; but i really am greatful to those who entered-next time i make a challenge i lengthen the duration for sure.

the winners were as follows:
Zettai Fuuhai Mayuge by hanawa my version ~CeciliaGutierrez
Wiley ~kita mikichi

expect some pms headed your way! i'll try to finish your requests a quickly as possible- at least by the end of the month. :>

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Kaagemusha Oni hime Blaze023 AndrewMangaka021
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Zettai Fuuhai Mayuge by hanawa my version ~
Wiley ~kita mikichi
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