The Prize Challenge.

I'm just gonna say this up front. My artistic ability is null, and I'm already really far behind on a contestants prize for a challenge (SO SORRY) so I'm just going to be upfront. No prizes on this one. Your motivation is the auto award, and the fact that we're in the middle of the Challenge Slam!

Okay, so this challenge is really simple. Basically, I want you to submit to this challenge any prize you draw for another challenge. I wish I could make it more than one category! Perhaps someone will follow in this ideas footsteps and make a version of it for cards and wallpapers (HINT HINT.)

So long as your prize is fan-art, and abides by the site rules, it's fair game. You can submit as many entries as you want, however the image MUST be a prize for someone. Do not dedicate the work to me, dedicate it to the person for whom it is for :)

You've got one month, get rolling!

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Dive ~snow fox
Tsunamine: Second Place ~HametsuKuro
1st prize winner request! ~Sabriela Hellena
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