snow fox 25 Years of Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda turned 25 recently, and Skyward Sword has been receiving excellent reviews. Let's celebrate and participate in this challenge slam by generating some more awesome Legend of Zelda fanart!

-Draw any Legend of Zelda character(s), from any LoZ game
-must be a new, original drawing
-please draw only characters from Zelda games (no OCs, no cross-overs)
-abide by the submission guidelines of TheOtaku, of course

Due Date: Thursday January 12th (just kidding, it's still one month long... but let's try to submit as much as possible, to count towards the challenge slam!)

That's it! Use whatever media you prefer, and enter as many times as you prefer.
Let's get drawing!

1st place - MangaKid, Request a colored Legend of Zelda character drawing from me (one or two characters)

2nd place - umchan649, Request a Legend of Zelda lineart drawing from me (one or two characters)

3rd place - cutepresea, prize awarded: The Cave (Link)

First to 5! - Prize awarded to: alphonse13, prize details: gift and this drawing

Second to 5! - Prize awarded to: MangaKid, prize details: gift and this drawing

Third to 5! - Prize awarded to: sasuke sarutobi4, prize details: gift and this drawing

Fourth to 5! - Prize awarded to: MangaKid, prize details: gift and this drawing

Fifth to 5 - Prize awarded to: saijinto, prize details: gift and drawing

Fill up your hearts and let forth a flood of love for one of the best video game franchises out there! Any artists who submit 5 or more entries will unlock a special prize!


I just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated! It brought me joy, seeing each and every one of your submissions!

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hamstergirl Petie BloodyKiss14 avrilfan saijinto Sakura Kokoro
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Challenge completed
Light and Darkness ~MangaKid
Children of the Moon ~umchan649
Back to the Beginning ~cutepresea
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