The Mask MAJOR Fanart Challenge

At the end of this challenge, the contestants should be able to:
1. Select one character from the anime/manga series Major.
2. Explain why the character was chosen.
3. Create a fanart depicting the selected character.

Major is arguably one of the best sports anime/manga series in recent years. Yet, it's also of the most underrated anime/manga series as well, as evidenced by having very few fanart in this site.

As such, this challenge was create. The end goal of this challenge is to produce more fanart for the Major category. But at the same time, it will also serve as a venue for fans of Major to show their love for the show, as well as a venue for non-fans and those new to the series to explore this unique series.

1. Select a character from the anime/manga series Major. Because the show has a lot of characters, please make sure to select one that had a relatively significant role in the series.
2. From your selected character, create a fanart depicting him/her.
3. Provide an explanation stating your reason for selecting the character. Use spoiler tags if you believe they are necessary.
4. Post it in the Fan Art section of theOtaku and link it to this challenge.

a. The title should contain the name of character and the name of the series. Example: Goro Honda - Major
b. The fan art should be categorized under the Major category.
c. Make sure to add the tags "major" and "baseball", as well as the name of the character. Example: major, baseball, goro, honda, goro honda

All submitted works will be judged based on the following criteria:
1. Mechanics - 20%
Name of show and character’s name is present in the title; fanart placed under Major category; contains related tags, including “major”, “baseball”, and the name of the character

2. Character selection - 30%
Reason for selecting character is clear and detailed; description is free from grammatical and spelling errors

3. Artistic quality - 50%
Output is very clean and very clear; no noticeable erasures or unnecessary marks; drawing clearly resembles the selected character; the output, as a whole, is exceptionally appealing

An analytical rubric will be used to score the submissions. Whoever gains the highest score will win the challenge. To view the rubric, click here.

If two or more contestants share the highest score in the challenge, they will be judged once more on the basis of artistic appeal. This will also apply to the second and third placer.

There will be a maximum of three winners in the contest, but the challenge creator reserves the right to select less than three winners.

1. What is Major all about?
The story initially revolves around a young boy named Goro Honda who dreams of becoming a baseball player like his father, whom he idolizes a lot. As the series go on, he undergoes trials and obstacles in his life in hopes of achieving his dreams, until he finally reaches the Major Leagues in USA. Eventually, he also gets his name changed to Goro Shigeno later in the series. For more information, you can refer to this Wikipedia article.

2. Should the fanart be a scanned artwork?
It can be a scanned artwork, a photographed artwork, or even a digital artwork. It's your choice. Just be sure to take note of the criteria.

3. Do you have any suggestions on which character to use?
Here are some characters that I suggest:

a. Goro Honda (kid)
b. Goro Shigeno (teenager or adult)
c. Toshiya Sato
d. Kaoru Shimizu
e. Daisuke Komori
f. Ryota Sawamura
g. Ken Mayumura
h. Joe Gibson
i. Joe Gibson, Jr.
j. Momoko Hoshino

NOTE: These suggestions will neither give you an advantage nor a disadvantage in the judgment of submissions.

Enjoy everyone!

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