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The time has come for me to host another Marvel Comics Super-Heroes category-based fan art challenge, especially when the focus this time is on the "The Fantastic Four" category, which turned 50 years old this Fall, so the timing (in opinion) could not be better than to celebrate the 50th anniversary itself now before the year is up.

Anyway, the guidelines:

  • Piece must feature a character who appears in the "The Fantastic Four" category.
  • Group pics are welcome.
  • Can be based on the "Fantastic Four" comics, the theatrical live-action "Fantastic Four" films, or even on any of the "Fantastic Four" animated T.V. series (series are 1967's "The Fantastic Four", 1978's "The New Fantastic Four", 1994's "Fantastic Four", and 2006's "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes").
  • Can be black-and-white or color.
  • Can be a drawing, painting, 2D computer image, watercolor, or even a sculpture.
  • No entry limits.

To help you out with the challenge (that is in case you're new to reading or watching "Fantastic Four"), the Fantastic Four, consisting of Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Womam, The Thing, and The Human Torch (actually the 2nd one in mainstream Marvel Universe-set "Fantasic Four" stories), have a number of supporting characters and as well as a number of foes. Examples of allies of the Fantastic Four include H.E.R.B.I.E., mailman Willie Lumpkin, Franklin Richards (son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman), Spider-Man (who replaced the group's Human Torch in Mainstream Marvel Universe-set stories during when the team renamed itself to "The Future Foundation"), She-Thing (also a supporting character from "The Incredible Hulk" category), The Inhumans, Prince Namor (a.k.a. Sub-Mariner), The Watcher, Silver Surfer (though at first an enemy of the Fantastic Four), The Black Panther while examples of the group's enemies include Dr. Doom, Impossible Man, Red Ghost, Diablo, Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler's clone), Galactus, Rama-Tut, Molecule Man, Super-Skrull, Mole Man, and Blastaar.

That's all the details you need to know about the challenge. I'll give two month to submit your entries to this. Also, like the last challenge I hosted, each of the three winners will get to choose his/her portfolio gift. Good luck to everyone entering this challenge and have fun!

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