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Having gone to my brother's wedding on the 7th of october and also having my own wedding coming up in the next year or two, I figured I'd create a challenge relating to one of the most important parts. (Besides the food, of course. Mmmm... Food...)

What's the job, boss?

Draw/design a wedding dress. This could be your dream dress, or (If you are a guy) the perfect tux that you would just LOVE to wear on your wedding day. Or, it could be the dress or tux you would love to see your other half in on the big day.


Be honest, be creative and (Obviously.) keep it decent. We don't want to see women bits popping out, or man tackle peeking out to say hello.

Black and white, or colour? Background?

You can do it in colour, or in black and white. And with or without a background. After all, the focus is on the clothing, not the surroundings.

What about the model?

You can draw yourself, your partner or even your favourite character modelling said dress. It's all good.

Have fun!

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Dream wedding attire entry ~stupidturtle365
Fantasy Wedding Dress ~Spectrum Diamond
Dream Wedding Dress/Makoto 2 ~byakuyarox1
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