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Hello! I'm looking for an artist for a manga I'm working on with my friend. But anyway, all the challenge is is to draw the characters from the story. You only have to draw three of them or just one of the main characters.
New explanations added. The picture can be black or white and in color. If it's in black and white, please leave a bold outline around the picture or in details so it is easy to see. Thanks everyone who is entering.

Ryuhiku: Blue and red hair, blue (can be light or dark) eyes, athletic build, tall, wears black finger gloves (the finger parts are cut off). His clothes can be whatever (stylish lol) But no suits. He mostly wears tennis shoes or boots. He's style is kind of punkish. His hair is medium length, not past his shoulders. He has bangs in the front. He plays the violin. (Don't have to include the violin)He likes to get things done, serious most of the time, he can be funny at times, he can be violent at times and is easily angered. He's 16. Also, his violin case is red with a blue outline, or if you aren't coloring the picture, it can be black. His violin is red and blue. The sides are blue.

Sayuri: White hair-medium or long hair, a cat girl. Only wears shiro lolita but can wear cream colors or off white colors too. She is short. She's a cat girl but doesn't have any fur. Only on her tail and ears. She is very petite and has green eyes. She is very energetic and rowdy. She likes to annoy Ryuhiku. She is a loud person (talking) but sneaky. You can draw a cat tooth if you want. Her eyes can be like a cats (in a slanted angle I mean) Age: 16

Hebihiku: Ryuhiku's rival. He plays the shamisen (It's a Japanese instrument (http:// (Also, don't have to include)He has black short hair, dresses in traditional Japanese clothing (such as yukata). No certain eye color so anything is fine. He's mean (kind of the villian of the story) He's around Ryuhiku's age. 16
Thanks, that's all! Comment me with any questions.
And also, if you can draw a monster, you can enter that too. They show up frequently in the manga story. They can be anything. There aren't any specific types of monsters.
The drawing format is manga style, but if you are better in another style that's fine.

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