RSRKingdomStars Reminiscing Nostalgic Memories

This contest is for people I've known for atleast a year! Sorry! >_<;
If you wanna know why, skip over to the part that says "judging";

The idea of this contest is to draw your oc(s) or a canon character(s) from the following categories;
.Tokyo Mew Mew
.Kingdom Hearts
.Final Fantasy (preferably FFX)
in your old style and medium. (You can even draw an oc that you've had long ago and thrown away, or an oc you still have but with an old outfit design you no longer use XD You may draw characters from more than one category)
Keeping in mind; it'll be an idealized/ perfected version of your old style since you probably practiced & brushed up on your coloring and drawing skills over the years, including proportions and stuff like that, so don't worry about it looking exactly the same. XD

So if you recently found your new style, you can't use it. Got a brand new high tech PhotoShop or some other new program/ medium you did not used to have, you can't use it.
The idea is to go back in time with your... childhood style and mediums. XD

So if I were to join this contest, I'd use my big shojo (tmm-ish) eye style from back in the days. I cannot use OpenCanvas, PhotoStudio / Prismacolors. I can only use MS Paint or RoseArt/Coupy, like I did way back when I first joined theOtaku.
If you've been using the same medium all your life/ otaku life, you may keep using that medium, but remember to draw something in your old syle/ something nostalgic. :)

Judging will be based on how much your picture brings me (and you XD) back. It's supposed to reach through our hearts and memories. Make us sigh and think back; "Aaah, these were the good ol' days..." etc.
This is why I don't recomend this to people who I'm not familiar with, and it's not fair for you either. So I apologize to those I do not know. Maybe next time. I sincerely apologize! >_< *bow* Orz

1. I must know you for atleast about 1 year. If you're not qualified to enter, that doesn't mean I hate you though! D: Please do not take any offense to this! I love you all so much~!!! TAT *hugs* If I can, I'll try to hold this contest next year, so you can try next time. ^^ I hope to get to know you better soon!^u^
2. Only 2 entries maximum. (I will judge whichever brings me back most)
3. No porn. XD
4. No tracing, stealing or plagiarism! D:<
5. Don't force yourself to join if you don't want to, I want this to be fun and ~nostalgic~ (I need to stop using that word XD)

1st: One fully colored pic of whichever medium(s) you want me to use, with background of your choice, with as many oc's/ canon characters of whichever anime/ category you'd like.
2nd: One fully colored pic (background is optional or up to me, medium(s) of your choice) of two oc's/ characters of whichever anime/ category you'd like.
3rd: One fully colored pic (background is optional or up to me, medium(s) of your choice) of one oc or canon character you'd like.
Now's a good time to dig through the deepest, most ancient parts of your portfolio. Take a moment and just remember those times. :)

Sorry it's long! >_<; I'm getting old lolz... OTL


I promise to make my next challenge more promising XD

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