Sabriela Hellena Creepy yet acceptable,

So i am finally making my first challenge, so im gonna give it a try,

Creepy yet acceptable, well that sort of explains it.Recently i was approached by a creeper on my gaia account, he pm'ed me with very unacceptable content. He made me mad, and got an earful from yours-truly. thats why i decided that what i want you to do is make a fanart of anyone (can be one or many people, and any species). this is simple right? wrong, this picture has to creep me out.

Rules(as well as the O' rules):
1. i prefer colored but black and white is fine,
2. make it creepy
3. nothing provocative,
4. the creeper that you make has to be creepingPGstyle.
5. It can be freakishly realistic or of some one creepy, or a creepy feeling, as long as you can creep me out with it.
6. you can submit as many pictures as you want,
7. i will also look for difficulty, and things like that for my grading,

Tip(things that creep me out): obsessive people, people praying for my wellbeing, there are a few smiles that i find creepy, spiders that keep coming back even after i thought i squished it, shadows that speak, fan boys/girls, side kick characters, and many other things,

heres something creepy

and another creepy thing

Prizes:though im not good, im gonna give them out any ways,
1st: yay! the winner will get a fanart request! colored, and fun!
2nd: yay! the runner up will get a line art, fanart request!
3rd: Yay! the third place will get a e-card request

(i may not be good, yet i try hard for all my works)
i promise i will complete the requests,
i hope you all have fun,
comment if you have questions,

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