Sarasface Hugs please!

My first challenge!

So basically, I love hugs. It's always sweet and makes me feel loved. So I want you to draw a hug. A group hug, a glomp attack, a sweet hug, embracing while kissing, sneak-attack hugs from behind, hugs where someone gets lifted off the ground, a sweet person hugging a sad person...anything! I love it when people are sweet to each other!


Please dedicate to me so I can keep track, unless your fanart is of you hugging a friend on theO and you want to dedicate to them.

As many submissions as you want, but if one of yours wins, your other submissions won't. It's more fair that way.

Please keep it appropriate!

You can use any characters. You can draw yourself hugging me, you hugging a friend, your favorite characters in a hug, anyone.


You have one month. Sorry to give you such short time, but it's my junior year and my head is still spinning from my workload. I don't have the energy or focus to make this thing any longer.


Winners get gold medals and each recieve a gift. All participants recieve a thank-you on their portfolio. Sorry I can't give you more, but my workload doesn't permit it. I'm still working on fanarts that I owe people...sorry.

So, that's it! Start hugging! And this isn't part of the challenge, but please do it as a favor. After you see this message, hug someone who is close to you. Let them know how much they mean to you. Make them feel loved. That's all!

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