SayanaChan look at that....hipster.

hello everyone. hello hello hello.

this is a challenge, but it's pretty underground, so you probably haven't heard of it.

i'd like you to create and draw an oc that is a hipster. unabashedly, unapologetically hipster. if you aren't sure what a hipster is, here are a few links that might give you a good idea of what most commonly makes a hipster:
(second link has some language and might not be to everyone's liking. just a head's up)

but back to the contest!
you = make an oc that is a hipster. give them some background story and flesh them out a bit. it doesn't have to be super detailed, but a little meat on the bones never hurt anyone. for example, include some of their favorite bands, books they like, food/drinks they like...things like that.

and on the flipside...

me = in a month i'll pick (a) winner(s) and they'll get a lovely medal and maybe art from me if they'd like?

rules are simple: follow TheO's guidelines and don't be too offensive. that'd just be in poor taste and if i think it's too bad i'll disqualify you.

if you have any questions, ask.
see you all in a month. :)

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