*+ Draw That OC +*

So I thought an OC contest would be fun.

I want you to draw one of my OC's in ANY way you want. and you can draw them with one of Your OC's, or anything else if you want the picture just has to include one of my OC's.


+ Drawing MUST include ONE of my OC's

+ I Don't really have any rules as long as the drawing has one of my OC's in it feel free to do whatever you want to them.

Draw them Chibi, Neko, Bunny Costumes, With your OC's, with an animal, In different clothes, Halloween costumes, I don't care how you draw them or what you draw them doing or who you draw them with, or if its colored, or if it has a background. As long as I can recognize them as my Oc's.

And you can submit as many entry's as you want.

Pictures and info Of my OC's


Questions? ask me


The ribbon and gifts

Other prizes

[Haven't been decided yet]

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