superstarpanou .:Unlikely Couples:.

My 2nd challenge, you guys~~!

I want you to draw a couple, but not just any couple. Like the name of the challenge implies, I want you draw 2 people in the same movie/anime/manga/story that you think will be highly unlikely to get together. Use your imagination~!


  • Yuri/yaoi entries will not be accepted for this challenge. Gomen! >,< I've decided that those entries will be highly unlikely already.
  • The couple must be from the same movie/anime/manga/story.
  • Any medium is accepted.
  • Any style is accepted. It doesn't have to be always anime~
  • Follow theO rules
  • Keep it clean, please!
  • Please leave a description of your artwork, your thoughts, progress, basically your input and the reason why you drew that or so. Let us know how proud you are of your work~
  • You can have as many entries as you want, although more will not win you multiple places.
  • You have 3 months!
  • ANYONE IS INVITED~~~ I just didn't have the time (Ah, I'm just too lazy haha) to copy and paste member names haha... (again)
  • Have fun! ^_^

Criteria I'll be looking for:

  • Effort
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Description of work

I as the judge, will stay neutral(is that the right word?) on commenting the entries for this challenge this time~ Just letting you all know!

1st place: 1 colored fan art request, 1 sketch fan art request
2nd place: 1 colored fan art request
3rd place: 1 sketch fan art request
All participants will get a medal and a gift from me (including the winners).
Past winners request examples: Colored 1 2, and Sketch 1 2

Examples of this challenge:

Any questions or so? Comment first to me or pm me. I'm looking forward to the entries!!


Winners are announced! Sorry for the wait~! Thank you for the people who have participated! It was very hard to decide who the winners were again~ TT3TT I didn't have much people to help me decide this time irl, but also special thanks to Immortal Queen for helping me out~!

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Lettuce&Keiichiro ~KittyNyaNya
Naruto X Ino ~darteen
hinata and kiba ~jeanbaby2
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