LoveKouichi Organization Oblivion

Organization Oblivion has been way too quiet, so we're gonna doing something to wake it up, even just a little.
So come show Oblivion some love!

Since this is my first Challenge, I'll give your some choices.
~Draw your favorite moment in Oblivion. Whether it's a fight, a conversation or just some random event that stayed in your mind.
~Not a member but still like to read it? Maybe your KH OC meets one or more of the members, how would it go? Just keep them in character.
~Or, if you are a member. What was your OC's first meeting with the others like? (ex. RaXi meeting Xeros, Nyx meeting Lexian, one of the newer members meeting one of the older ones, etc...) As said above, keep them in character.

More then one entry is fine if you can't decide. I'm trying to be optimistic so I'll set the limit to three.

Prizes for this shall be discussed once the Challenge is over.
Have fun, you guys.

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