Just make it a bishounen!

Just make it a bishounen!

Hello ^_^ Thank you for reading this and hopefully you will want to enter my challenge. So the concept of this fan art challenge is, draw me a man, and preferably a good looking bishounen style man. Now the characters can be from an anime, manga, novel, tv show etc, or more preferably your own character or personal design. What I am looking for is for you to draw a pretty boy basically XD

The requirements are not much just no naked people, (it against theOtaku's rules), no old guys (umm… we'll get back to this in a moment), and no guys with excessive facial hair (I just don't want it! DX).

Well, yeah about the age, typically I'm not looking for an age restriction so the drawing can be a younger teen as well like 13 or so, just think Momiji Sohma for reference.

But no older then 30s ppl, I mean if you are drawing someone like Azuma Umeda I definitely will not stop you but umm just no Master Roshi please =__=; that's a little too much...

Though I honestly think guys in their older teens to mid 20s are more popular and the variations are better but it all depends on your skills and styles as an artist and what sort of age group you are better at drawing.

So for the drawing you can do it however you like, I mean he can be cute, sexy, pretty, handsome, etc, whatever you like. That one thing is he must meet bishie standards *^*

I like my guys bishounen, that's the only thing I'm really looking for.

Alright then, now that I've finishing explaining I'll get on to prizes.

Depending on how many people enter will determine if I choose 1 person, 2 or 3 as winners. All winner(s) will receive the same prizes, which is 10 gifts of their choice, and an e-card made by me featuring an image of my choice or yours.

Thank you, please enjoy!

**Please note, you can submit unlimited drawings for this challenge. thank you ^^**

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