shiroyuuki1 If my car was a person...

right, so New Challenge! *cheer cheer*

For this challenge i want you guys to pick a model of car and draw how you think it would look like as a human! easy 'nuff?

Rules: cuz we all love 'em!

~has to be a preexisting car model (fine, fine! i'll take motorcycles, trucks and scooters too)
~uncolored, colored, lineart, whatever just as long as it looks like some effort was put into it.
~no yaoi or yuri (i dont think cars do that kinda stuff... o.O)
~but you can have more than one car-person in the pic
~up to two submissions per person
~just follow theO's rules


~first: sketch of a chara of your choice, sub, and gift
~second: sub and a gift

Tipssss! and things i would like to see...

~try and capture the cars' natural attitude
~the more uniqe the car model you choose the more unique the human version will be ex: corolla vs. fiat500? (i like unique)
~if you think no one will actually know about the model you chose cuz its discontinued or whatnot, a link to a picture of it would help

ok i think i covered all the bases but iffya got a question just leave a comment or PM me! guys got a month, so get to it and have fun! ^o^

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