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Alright I haven't had a fanart challenge in awhile and that is due to the fact that people don't draw as much as they used too. Maybe it's me but I think the reasoning behind this is because of school but I will make this a 3 month challenge since it would be fun.

Ever been to a fancy restaurant? Maybe a nice dining with that special someone? Prom? Wedding? Whatever the occasion, I love seeing men in a nice suit and tie. This contest is fairly easy because I don't require a background because what I am asking is draw an anime guy in a classy suit. However, here is the catch! I have some crushes and some of these characters have been in suits before while others have not. I have provided you with a list of men who I ABSOLUTELY adore from different series!

All you have to do is pick one and draw them for the contest. Easy yes? I thought so.


1. You have to pick one character, but you can have more then one character in the picture. Crossovers are welcome.

2. Colors are highly recommended but if you can make it wonderful in black and white like a manga, please be my guest.

3. MUST be a character provided below.

4. As many entries as you like.

5. Please make them sexy!

6. Have fun!



1. Medals for top three winners.

2. Ecards of their choice.

Here is your list of men:

Bleach – Grimmjow, Renji, Shinji

Naruto – Yamato, Iruka

Eyeshield 21 – Hiruma, Agon

HunterXHunter – Hisoka

Pokemon – N

Shaman King – Faust VIII

Saiyuki – Gojyo

Durarara - Shizuo

DBZ – Trunks

FMA – Greed, Ling

Legend of Zelda – Link

Soul Eater – Soul, Asura

Hetalia – America, Russia, Prussia, England, Germany

Vampire Knight – Zero

D.Gray-man – Tyki, Lavi

YuYuHakusho – Yoko Kurama

Kuroshitsuji – Sebastian, Joker

Ouran High School Host Club – Tamaki, The Twins

Kingdom Hearts – Axel

Final Fantasy – Reno, Zach

Merupuri – Aram

Fruits Basket - Haru

That's a total of 34 men!!! xD

Or I will give you the opportunity to draw my OC's in suits. They are both Pokemon Luxray gijinkas named Lux and Xio.

Many options for you and please have fun!!! You have three months!

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