Kimi Sihu Thieves For Hire

Okay, for this challenge I want you to draw the four main characters from my new manga. (Still looking for an artist)

Charaters are:

Miu: Pink eyes, purple medium hair, 5'2", white button up, with a magenta vest, matching gloves, dark pants, and black wedged boots.

Fumiko: Red eyes, black short hair, 5'4", black tank, knee length shorts, tennis shoes.

Umeko: Green eyes, long blonde hair, 5'4", yellow tank, brown belt, flowery skirt, flip-flops.

Akemi: Green eyes, pale red pixie cut, 5'3", white button up, black pin stripped skinnies, black flats.

First three do the thieving, and Akemi manages the jobs.

Limit: 5


Miu's mother went missing when she was 9, so did her father. She still lives in that house, with her brother Mashiro, and friends Fumiko, Umeko, and Akemi. Working at the family cafe with her brother, she listens to the officers on the case of the masked thieves. She herself is one of those thieves. To make it even better, so were her parents and so was her grandmother. And to keep the family's secret job going, Miu wears a cat mask.

Fumiko and Umeko: (Twins)
Fumiko, the tough one, and Umeko, the girly one, lived with Miu since they were little. Miu's mother adopted them, and raised them as her own with Miu. Though older then Miu, they are the best of friends. Miu's grandmother taught the two how to be great thieves. As a day job the two work in a pet shop. On jobs Fumiko wears a dog mask, and Umeko wears a mouse mask.

Akemi's father, a good man, lost his job and she wanted to help out. So when she was only 5 years old she started pick-pocketing. Soon her father found out and tried to stop her. When she met Miu, and the twins, she decided to join them. She became their manager, or, well, owner. On jobs her mask is of a bird.

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