Photobooth Posing

Hi all! I'm so happy to present my very first challenge for Otaku. I came up with many ideas and when I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do, this idea popped into my head.

My challenge is for you to draw any 2 or more manga/anime characters taking a photo(s) as if they are in a photo booth posing for the camera. They can be drawn as if they are actually in the photo booth or if they are in the picture(s). Also, it's optional if you want to have the full or part of the photo strip (click to see example)

Rules: & white or in color or traditional
3.must be posing (simple is okay like throwing up a peace sign or winking)
4.interacting characters are encouraged, but optional (bunny ears behind the other's head or kissing on the cheek for example)
5.more than 1 submission is allowed (3 maximum submissions).
6.follow otaku rules
7.OC's and other characters (video game, cartoons) are allowed. Manga/Anime style is encouraged, but not required.
8.In desription, please state the characters' names and where they are from (manga/anime, video game, or oc)


1. 1st place gets a medal (of coarse ), wallpaper request, subscription if I am not already subscribed, and a fan art request.
2. 2nd place gets a medal, wallpaper request, subscription if I am not already subscribed, and a fan art request.
3. 3rd place gets a medal, subscription if I am not already subscribed, and choice between a fan art or wallpaper request.
4. Everyone will get a gift for participating.

Good luck everyone! Excited to see what you'll come up with.

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Too Much Love ~JapaneseTeddyBear
Say Cheese ~Ellenor Mererid
blurblurbblurb ~Allie Elric
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