Starscream Foxy, Foxy!

UNF! Yeah! Anyway... Another challenge for y'all, since that Pony challenge I did last scared the crap out of me. That is the last time I ever create a challenge while under the influence of happy pills...


What do I do here then, Axel-Faxle-Bo-Baxle?

Easy really. If you've read my comic 'Axel & Yuna', this will be pretty simple. If not, GO READ IT: (Or at least enough to get the general idea of the characters.)

Then, I want you to draw a pic with 2 or more of the characters in it.

Just so people can recall their names, can you list the characters in it?

Sure thing:

  • Axel
  • Lord Yuna
  • Nick Sloane
  • Guy Sherridan (Page 41, panel 2)
  • Ryu
  • Nina
  • Cray
  • Ursula
  • Ershin
  • Faries (Various. The main one has this colour hair (CLICK) )
  • The awesome sweeping up old guy (Page 48, panel 3)

Any more reference pics? <--- Go here!

What exactly do you want me to draw them doing?

Anything you want. I'm not fussy. Pick your characters, add them in a pic and submit it!

Color? No color? Background? What?

Not fussy at all. Really. Not. And no, adding backgrounds and color does NOT mean it gives you bonus points. It's the actual idea that counts really.

Can I make my OWN OC and add it in too?

So long as you include it with the already existing characters, sure. Knock yourself out.

What NOT to do?

Anything that goes against TheO rules, obviously.

How long, and WHAT'S MY PRIZE!?

Hold your damn horses, you greedy sod. Fine... I give you... 1 month. There will be 1 main winner. Obviously, everyone gets a medal anyway, but the main winner will get to be featured in a page of Axel & Yuna, since it's still ongoing. Obviously, they will need to be willing to provide either a photo of themselves, or if they aren't comfortable with that they can offer an OC instead.


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