Bluesen Organization 13--UR OC IN THE LIMELIGHT!

Hey there~ This is Bluesen12.

Featured Contest: Organization 13 OC Contest!!

Info: OC time---i know you guys love this stuff X3 Basically, draw your Oc for Organization 13!! You know the drill--Give them a name, maybe a power, weapons, BE CREATIVE!! This should be really fun :D Get your oc into the the epic organization! ;)


1. Must be an ORIGINAL oc!

2. Picture must be tagged with "OC 13 Conest"

3. Must be colored!

4. Oc must have a name!

5. You may draw him/her with an existing Organization 13 character, but your Oc must be the main focus

Hint: A background or just something more than just your oc standing there might win you more points... ;)

Otherwise, have fun!


1st: Your OC drawn by me along with a phototshop of anything you want!
2nd: Anything you want photoshoped or watercolored by me!
3rd: Anything you want drawn (colored with watercolor or colored pencil) you want!
4th: Anything you want scetched by me!
Eveeryone else: Gets a cyber cookie :D

Your entries (for the first prize) will be judged by:Creativity of your oc(Not how good you are at drawing, but what you can do with your oc)

Remember--Anyone can enter!!!



It won't let me change the deadline so, just saying now to IGNORE the one down there and the actual deadline is--

August 20th!! August 20th!! Plz remember! D: DEADLINE IS AUGUST 20TH!

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Rexia ~SnakeDarling
Xabat for contest ~haseo luver92
Siryxem :D ~Chibi Grimmjow
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