Elemental Burst

EDIT [08.7.2011]: Added poison to list. Changed limit from 1 element to 2.


First off, I want to thank everyone that participated in my previous challenge ^__^ The entries were amazing, and I hope that this challenge will be just as successful!

I ran across this idea somewhere in DeviantArt, and I immediately fell in love with it *3* Without further ado, here is the theme of my second challenge!


| | Challenge | |

> > Elemental Burst < <

Hopefully, everyone is familiar with the Western concept of the 4 elements (wind, water, fire, earth) or the Eastern concept of the 5 element (fire, water, earth, wood, metal). Your goal is to draw a picture of a character (canon or original) surrounded by or using the element(s) of your choice.

For this challenge, I will also throw in an extra element or two to give you more options. But, you can only use the elements that I have listed below.


| | Rules | |

> > General < <

+ All entries must follow theO guidelines.
+ Please keep the content at a PG-13 level
:: Yaoi & yuri are acceptable, but not hentai & ecchi.
+ Only 1 entry per person.

> > Art < <

+ Entries must contain a maximum of 2 elements.
:: Elements must come from the list below.
+ Entries must be colored.
:: Entries can be either traditional or digital.
:: Backgrounds are not necessary.
+ Characters can be either original or canon.
+ Please state the element in your artist’s comment/description.


| | Element List | |

+ Fire
+ Water
+ Wind/Air
+ Earth (such as rocks, mountains, etc)
+ Wood (such as trees, flowers, etc)
+ Metal/Steel
+ Ice/Snow
+ Thunder/Lightning
+ Light
+ Dark
+ Psychic (such as time, aura, etc)
+ Poison (such as acids, venom, etc)


| | Prizes | |

1st place: 1 colored picture
2nd place: 1 lineart
3rd place: 1 sketch

Winners must PM me their requests.


| | Questions | |

Got any questions? Ask me via message or comment!

So join in, be creative, and have fun like never before =D

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