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It's finally over! My challenge that I knew wouldn't have a lot of entries. Good thing I knew that was coming. Darn fandom. Now I can finally create one of the challenge I wanted to in the first place! The reason I'm submitting this right after the other one finished is because I want to be able to still get prizes done before I get head over heels in college work. So~~~~Let's begin!

Everyone has a persona/avatar/little creature that represents them. I want you to draw that thing with me! Or yourself, that works just fine to! Here I am just take away the notepad and pencil and you're good. I didn't want to go out and draw a whole new ref pic when this one still looks okay. But that's me in a nutshell. Except when I'm on the computer I usually have my hair in a bun and my glasses are on, but shhhhh~~~ If the pic isn't loading in the intro of the world let me know so I can send you a link to a different pic.

Now to be random, if you want to draw me with shoes on...I wear white tennis-shoes with a thick red stripe down both sides...'kay done with being random.

Yes, it's that simple, just draw you with me. Now here's the catches/rules:
~We can be doing anything, but PG-13 limit PLEASE.
~No yuri, I'm straight thanks.
~No nudity. I like having clothes on. =w='
~We have to be doing something. Not just standing and smiling. We can be standing and smiling while playing catch or something. Some sort of action has to be going on.
~There has to be a background. Not just plain white, it can be plain blue or plain green...but not plain white.
~Has to be colored, sorry but I want to see how colorful you are!
~Dedicate it to me so I can keep track of entries!
~Most importantly...have FUUUUUN!

**Things that might help
~I'm pretty random
~I'm outgoing around people I'm comfortable with.
~I enjoy doing most anything
~I LOVE to smile
~~Anything else just ask.

Now, prizes:
~1st One full commission of you and me (by me, 'cause I'll want to draw us to!)
~2nd One full chibi commission of you and me
~3rd One lineart of you and me!

You have 1 month!!! Questions? Leave a comment!

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