piggyback garu Hogwarts yourself

okay, second challenge!
guys, i want you to draw yourself if you were a student at hogwarts, almost anything goes! you can be a student or a professor (if you so wish to be), you can include a "magical" pet if you desire to, traditional and digital allowed, coloured or black and white allowed.
also, if you really really really want to, you can draw yourself as a beauxbatons or Durmstrang student, but you have to research their uniforms if you wish to. also, please don't draw yourself as just an animagus, you can draw yourself with the animagus version of yourself. Also, patronuses are allowed :3
1. no nudity please?
2. draw yourself in the uniform and colours of the house you would be in.
3. i don't want OCs, i want you to draw yourself!
4. stick to the Otaku rules
5. most importantly have fun!

you have Three months!


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Harry Potter
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Light from a butter[fly] ~AlexaClyne
SharinByaku8 in Harry Potter ~SharinByaku8
Horgwarts Myself ~Ellenor Mererid
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