Exxod Promotion Challenge

Yay! I got promoted! I'm going to celebrate with a new challenge.

Ok everyone. I had the idea for this challenge since before I made my first one, yet I didn't have the motivation. Now I do, so here it is.

Ok everyone. I want to see a nude figure. No this can't be your pet. It has to be a human or something based on a human. Even something that isn't a human personified as a human. It can have something draped over it, yet I want it to meet the criteria of being nude. Nudity is the state of wearing no clothing.

I decided to actually go through with this when I saw Panou's liquid eyeliner angel and she has given me her permission to use it as an example. Go show her some love.

Anyway, there has to be rules. Here they are:

  • First of all, it is most important that you follow the rules of theOtaku. Just because I'm asking for nude characters does not mean I want to see naked people showing off. Make sure the image is one that you can share with anyone.
  • It can be male or female, yet not both.
  • Clothes are allowed in the picture, yet not on the character. Nothing can touch the character except what the character is holding.
  • Please one character per image. Multiple heads is treated as more than one character because each head has a diferent personality. An object that holds a significant role in a story are not considered a character. I will also allow biological twins as long as they aren't touching.
  • There is a limit of 5 submissions and they must be traditional. The can be digitally resized. Lighting and comtrast can be alterred, yet I don't want anything added to the original image.

Please comment so that I can add more rules.

Ok, so I won't be handing out prizes this time because I have constantly been changing the rules. So I an going to redo this challenge when I get a chance. Because I am the one that cheeted, I will not be disqualifying any submissions or selcting winners.

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