Star Crossed Even Tough Guys Cry, Right?

Hi, i'm back for challenge no. 2 :D
This time around I want to see your favorite tough guy(or girl) character, but crying. It can be happy, sad, dramatic, comedic, whatever you think will get you that first place ^.-
As usual, here be the RULES:
1. Make sure it's a TOUGH character. If you submit a picture of Tohru Honda (not being mean, I love her XD) crying, it's obviously not as great as... I don't know, Saito Hajime? ;3;
2. Can be colored or not colored, but I want it to look finished, you know?
3. Digital or Traditional, don't forget your signature!
4. rule 4 is back! Ciao!
5. In description: Name of character, anime/manga, and reason why you picked him/her maybe? ^^
6. Is this enough rules? I think so
7. as many submissions as you want :D
8. last one, promise Any number of characters in one picture is fine also :) (i.e. if you wanted 3 people in one)
Any questions, don't be afraid to ask ^^
Alright, i'll be giving you..... 2 months sound good?
Ready, set, GO!

*oh, and I invited alot of my subscriptions, sorry if you didn't want any invites XD
Forgot to put prizes XD
1st: 1 wallpaper and card
2nd: 1 wallpaper
3rd: 1 card
And winners, PM me after the challenge to let me know what you want! ^^

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Grimmjow can Cry? ~Artgrrl
"Ikebukuro Saikyou" ~Narumaniac
Soul Evans Cries? ~greenLeAfe
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