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Hello. This is my first challenge and I wasn't sure what I would do but here goes! This is probably going to fail. lol
But my challenge is to draw an anime character along with their best friend(s). There can be no more than five people in the picture and traditional or digital are accepted. It can be colored or black and white for those people who aren't so good at coloring like me :). I think that's all. If you have any other questions just leave a comment. I wanted to make it short and simple. You can also draw you and your best friend if you want! I forgot to say what the prizes would be. I can't do digital art so traditional is my specialty.
First Place: 2 fan arts of your choice and 3 gifts
Second Place: 1 fan art of your choice and 2 gift
Third Place: 1 fan art of your choice and 1 gift

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Best Friends ~AraAlicia
Trinity Ladder ~khbleach
with me ~Fuocofuri
Hi there friend!

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