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So for my last challenge, I asked you all to to draw your favorite characters as babies. for THIS challenge...

Take your favorite couple and draw what their child would look like if they had one

... or children. whichever you'd like. just make sure you let me know which characters were coupled together so i can judge how "accurately" you did it. and by accurately, i mean that there werent random traits showing up. or if they were random, make sure i can tell why (by either description or picture) for example, if you were pairing amu and ikuto from shugo chara (that one's popular, right?)....

bad example: amu+ikuto=child with bright orange hair and pink eyes and giraffe ears.
good example: amu+ikuto= child with light purple hair and dark blue eyes and cat ears. or no ears... er... human ears.
bad example: ash+misty= child with light blonde hair and purple eyes
good example: ash+misty= child with caramel brown hair and blue or brown eyes.

So hopefully you get the concept. I'm not going to be nuts to the point of "thats not genetically/scientifically probable." i just want to be able to tell theyre related kind of thing. you can hopefully also see that you can mix and match traits and you dont have to take exact traits from the parents (like if the father has black hair and the mother has white hair, you can do grey or something. it doesnt have to be only either black or white.)

hopefully i've explained that thoroughly... and sorry if i did it too thoroughly. any questions just comment!!
oh! and unlimited entries.

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