SayanaChan kid, chicago is cursed

heyyy everyone.

here's a nifty art challenge for you all.

pick one of the three songs listed below
and then draw a picture based on the song.
the picture doesn't have to follow the lyrics
at all, it just has to fit the
mood/your interpretation/whatever, somehow.
also, try not to base your picture off of the video.
i'll always prefer originality. :]

here are your choices:
[the links take you to the songs on youtube]

you're gonna go far, kid by the offspring

chicago by sufjan stevens

cursed sleep by bonnie 'prince' billy

the rules are pretty simple.
follow theO's general rules for art.
it should be colored.
one entry per person.
[however, you can draw out all three and then just
specify which one you want me to judge. if you draw
all three and don't specify, i won't judge any of them]

the prizes...let's see...
i'll write something for each of the three (3) winners.
they can pick the parameters [characters, setting, genre, etc.],
after they, you know, win. if you want some examples of my writing,
you can hit up my random/useless world. those are only fanfics, but i am capable of writing things other than that. :]

have fun, and good luck.
you've got two months.

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