Allie Elric 7 straight days

KEEP IN MIND - THIS IS A CHALLENGE, NOT A CONTEST. No cheating; Let's be honest.

AIM: to exercise your mind’s muscles.

I want you to pick 1 of the 4 pics below and examine it for 30 seconds. Then without looking at the picture you chose, recreate the picture from your memory. Take as much time you need to draw the picture; if you cannot remember some parts or anything from the picture, just leave it alone. After you're done drawing whatever you remember of the picture, stop for the day and restart the process with the same pic for the next day.
Keep at this for 7 straight days total.
Also to boost your confidence, make sure you support yourself, saying things like ''My memory is getting better'' and ''I'm improving!''

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4

1. pick 1 of the 4 pictures.
2. examine that picture for 30 seconds, then put that picture away. You're not allowed to look at it again for DAY 1; you only have those 30 seconds to look at the pic and that's it. NO more examining after that.
3. Draw the picture from your memory. No stress if you can't remember everything. You can come back to your DAY 1 drawing whenever you'd like as long as it's in DAY 1.
4. If you think you're done for DAY 1, good for you. You can stop for DAY 1 if you like.

1. using the same pic you chose to recreate in DAY 1, follow steps 2 to 4.

DAY 3 to 7
1. the same protocol as DAY 2.

Do this for 7 days straight. AND just to be clear, you should have 7 pieces of fan art when you're done. If you're doing this traditional, use a new sheet of paper for each day. If you're doing this digital, use a new file. Point is, this is to see the progress of your memory throughout the 7 days; I need to see the difference so no continuations on a previous day or re-drawings on top of each other, or something.

You can make it like a sketch dump [example], or you can post all 7 drawings everyday/all in 1 day/whenever. You can post them anytime as long as all 7 drawings are up before the deadline.

You can also do all 4 pictures if you want; I just want you to focus on 1 picture for 7 days for now and when you're done with that, you can go on to the 2nd picture you choose.

I won't be picking winners, as you all are winners. Instead of medals, you'll get gifts and 1 wallpaper/fanart/card of your choice.

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