shiroyuuki1 Ur OC meets My OC

So third challenge already? *addicted to making challenges*

I'll keep it simple then: I want you guys to draw for me one of my original characters interacting in some way with one of your OC's. But they have to be interacting in:
~a school-like environment (meaning uniforms or backpacks etc) or...
~a red carpet environment (meaning glizty gowns tuxedos glamour etc)
Easy enough?

Rules: cuz the world needs more rules to follow...
~they HAVE to be interacting. they cant just be standing next to eachother
~any medium is accepted as long as it looks like effort was put into it
~please just keep theOtaku's rules in mind
~if you don't have an OC any character made up on the spot is ok. just no anime charas

Here are some examples of my girl OCs that you guys can use: 1 2 3 iffya cant really see it, #3 has a tiny star under her left eye.

Judging: Shall be based on...
~creativity (duh)
~the "awesome" factor

Prizes: ^o^
~first- lineart of their OC, gift and subscription
~second- sketch of their OC and gift
~third- gift

so thats it, if there's any questions just leave a comment or PM me!

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Why am I holding your books? =A= ~Natsu nii
School Talent Show ~Ellenor Mererid
Reno & Kokoro in Glamour ~superstarpanou
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