Nino Umaka T...M....N....T....huh?

Theres not TMNT category! What is this madness!?!?!?!?

I've been wanting to make a new challenge for a while now...and now I've finally gotten around to typing one! This challenge is dedicated to a lovely fandom surprise that I got shortly after waking up this morning. My TMNT episodes finally got here! Now I have all but one season of the 2003 series and all the movies! Yeah!!! XD .....ehhh.....ahem...*averts eyes* Sorry 'bout that.

Anywho, there are many of us out there that have had a love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or still love them. I want YOU to make me do my fangirl squeak with this challenge. So, here it is. It's very simple. DRAW SOMETHING TMNT RELATED. Yup that's all. It could be the turles, splinter, Casey, April, Shredder. Or if you're old school, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady. I really don't care who you draw, I just want something TMNT related. If you don't know who they are, yousickenme here's a pic of just the turtles. You can look up the rest yourselves.

I bet you're all reading this going, "Oh Jessica's more lame than I thought before." Well, you're right, this is how I always am when my fandoms take over. I just hope this challenge can either bring back memories or let you me lame with me! ....I just hope people enter. ^_^'

Okay, specifics/rules:

~Draw something TMNT related
~Traditional or digital is fine
~Does not need to be colored, but it would be preferred
~You can draw the turtles and Splinter humanfied if you'd like I'd LOOOOOVE to see that! XD
~No Yaoi with this PLEASE! This is one thing I will not budge with. I just sickens me when I'm roaming tmnt pics and come across turtlecest. *shutters* No, no turtlecest. I'll disqualify immediatly if there's any!
~You may add anyone else in the pic if you wish, but there HAS to be someone from TMNT in the pic. For example, you could have Raph fighting Ed from FMA, or Mikey hanging out with Naruto. Donny taking nerd talk with Tails from Sonic X and stuff....idk. But yes, I'll allow crossovers.
~Up to 3 entries
~Dedicate to me so I can keep track of entries please!
~And HAVE FUN!!!
EDIT~You many also add older pics. Doesn't have to be drawn JUST for this challenge. So if you have a pic just lying around that isn't too old of course you may enter it!

Now, prizes
1st 1 full colored commission of choice
2nd 1 full colored chibi of choice
3rd 1 line art commission of choice
**Everyone gets a gift!

You've got 1 month! (because I'll be busy at college if I do two months...)Any questions or comments just....comment...yeah!

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