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My first challenge thing yaya!
Ok before the rules and stuff. This challenge is for the troops over seas or getting deployed overseas. As a guy in the military i would love to shed some light for the boys and girls who put them self in front of a rifle and fight a person u dont even know in a place u dont want to be at...tragic. But also i know there are those of you on here with family in the military or are in the military. Care to give this a shot?


RULES: U can have up to 3 post on here. The theme must be of military bearing. Any and military service apply. It can be as detailed or a simple as you want but please keep in mind the message you will send. It can be negitve or postitive, your choice! Be mindful and be creative!

Prizes: all depends on what i see. If i see work that gose beyond what i expect cash will be awarded to first place.

2nd depending on what i see, a custom pic of whatever pic u want from me and mabye something awesome from the base i work at XD

3rd Depending on what i see, 2 solid line art pic of ur choice.

Please do your best! Since i would love to show people on base what you guys can do! As an otaku such as u please try hard!

PS: cash will vary from 50.00 on up ...see i pay too see good art XD Good Luck!!! all!

Go airforce go marines go army go navy go coast guard!


To the winners of my contest! COngradulations! XD As stated above first will recive 50.00 ( PLease message me for details.)

2nd awesome job! Message me for what ya want XD

3rd runner up message me for what ya need!

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