envythejealous Shaman King!!

Hello again.
Due to my recent obsession with Shaman King, I am creating a challenge having to do with it.
All you have to do is draw someone from Shaman King.

1. Be nice to other contestants.
2. Follow theO's rules.
3. No sexual related drawings or nudity. Boys being shirtless is okay, but that's it.
4. Unlimited entries.
5. Traditional/digital are fine.
6. Color is not needed.
7. Please don't take ten minutes scribbling something out and then posting it. Be neat, and if you color, TAKE. YOUR. TIME and do a nice job, don't color like a toddler.
8. You can also use OCs and create your own shaman.
9. Dedication to me is optional.

If you're creating your own shaman, please include in the description:
-Their name
-Their spirit ally's name
-Their age
-If you can, draw your shaman's spirit ally along with them. The spirit can be in its normal form, spirit ball mode, over soul mode, etc.

Prizes will be determined later. :)

~~Thank you and good luck~~

1st place: 2 wallpapers, 2 cards, 1 avi
2ond place: 1 wallpaper, 1 card
3rd place: 1 card

I am not an expert digital artist with cards/walls etc. Please bear with me because I'm leaving again and I don't have time to draw any more fan art.

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segunda etapa
Shaman King
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Yo Asakura ~Yugara
Eliza ~Team Plasma N
Amidamaru ~superstarpanou
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