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In case you haven't heard, Tales of Graces F is making it's way over to North America, and Tales of Xillia will be realeased in Japan in September. This is sort of to honor both of them. The challenge is exactly what it sounds like. I want you to create a playable character that would be in your own 'Tales of' game. It's pretty simple, and here are some things I would like to see:
-Your character, full body and in color. Usually, I wouldn't care about this, but color is important to character design.
-The profile. Your character's name, age, gender(if needed - gotta love those bishies), personality, history, or anything else that might fit in this category.
-Your character's weapon(s), plus style of fighting. Such as if your character is a physical fighter, are they short range, long range, mixed, ect. If they are a magic user, are they supportive, offensive, ect.
-The Mystic Arte, Hi-Ougi, the equivalent thereof, or whatever you kids are calling it these days. Describe it, and give the incantation/line - you can do the cut-in picture if you want.
-Stats. Strength, Magic, Agility, and so forth.
-HP/TP. You can choose the level your character is at, but keep it consistant with the level in the stats.

Things that are completely optional are things like weakness and resistance, skills, lines, cooking, titles, voice actors, character quirks, ect. Whatever else you feel like adding. Remember, this is your own game, so do whatever you want with your own character. And I know some people are brimming with ideas, so you can submit two entries if you wish.

The rules are the standard theOtaku rules. And this is basically just character profile, so make sure they are detailed, and the design is easy to see. I'm looking for new Tales characters, so make a whole new one, even if you had created one before.

Now for the not-fun part. I don't actually have any art skills, so I can't really offer you prizes. All you get is the trophy and bragging rights or something. I could draw ugly little chibis of the character you submitted, but that might be worse than nothing. Your choice. It's supposed to be fun, above all.

Another thing. I know some people on here more than others, and as careful as I might be, I don't want anything to be biased. So I will have a sister and brother who play Tales, but aren't on theO judge your characters.

I think that's about it. Let me know if I forgot anything, and all comments, questions, suggestions are welcome, as I'd love to hear any feedback at all.

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