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This is a new challenge. Draw a group of villians who don't neccesarily have to LOOK evil. The challenge is to make them in a different genre other than typical shonen fighting. Try making a group of villians from a sports, romance, or mystery story.(A group of romance story villians would impress me though).

Simply put:Draw a group of villians from a genre other than fighting. Maybe a group of singing villians

1.Must be OCs
2.No amount of characters specified just more than 1
3.Small background info on each character
4.Description of story you used must be available. Ex:Say your characters are in a golf club. Tell that they are golfers.

As with New kids I have invited a lot of members new to the Otaku who have an interest in drawing. I have also invited some members who recently participated in challenges. This is open to anyone and ill judge the winner. Ask me if you have any questions. I love to see people being creative.

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