bunasaur kitty's challenge

link to picture >.< HELLOO ;3 MEW

this is the challenge; I want you guys to draw me for my youtube challenge *yay*
I want this so I can show the winner pictures pictures of me in a special video! because It would be awesome to see your interpretations of me and I want you guys to be involved I also do shout outs so if you want one email me over the otaku or by my email address [email protected]

oh and here is my youtube channel this is it ;3 ^.^

well thats all i wanted you guys to know and here are the rules

-it has has has to be your own work i will be checking
-no bases it has to be whole deign
-has to have a background
-it has to be coloured

oh and btw I am running out of time and i only have 1 entry so everyone that is intersed i will pm them after the challenge has finshed and will set up the challenge again ^^ and if anyone wnats to know what i look like a picture is here link to picture >.<

ok thats it :) much love kitty xxxxx

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