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Please read this! My main account (RaineDrops) was frozen so I'll have to have the challenge on this account. So please submit your entries to this one instead.

Well, I think there needs to be more Hetalia-related stuff up here. And hetalia OC's are interesting...So, draw your country (or pick a country you like XD) as a hetalia character interacting with an official one ^^ (If you're country is in Hetalia, then draw them) OC's and official characters are all welcomed. Um...can't think of any more details, so if you have any questions just ask ^^;

(Never made one before so I dunno how I would choose the winner and if there are multiple, I'll figure it out one way or another ^^)

1st place: Colored picture of your choosing. (Doesn't have to be hetalia art)
2nd place: Lineart of your choosing.

(BTW they'll be chibis 'cause that's all I can really draw ^^; XD)

Duration is two months, have a fun summer~~

The other two who have already submitted entries, I dunno if you can transfer the artwork here, but if you can't, then please reupload your artwork to this one. Sorry for all the trouble >_>;

(Bonus, has nothing to do with this challenge ^^ To hetalia fans from the US- check this project out, make your own state-tan! Even if your state is already taken you can choose another one, though a couple of them are reopening up because the previous claims were inactive)

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