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This challenge, being my first, should be pretty good. Inspired by reirei's Nightmare box art (see Fan Art in his/her profile) and my Firestarter wallpaper, the challenge is to create a video game, describe it in the description box and create a boxart/advertisement for the game.

1) NO SEXUAL REFERENCES. This is just part of my standards
2) All work must be original. I will be checking with a fine toothed comb
3) The game may be based of an anime or original. Certain animes (not saying which) earn bonus points. Digital art earns major bonus points.

1st place: 1 medal, 1 fanart, 2 wallpapers, 2 avatars and 1 gift

2nd place: 1 medal, 2 wallpapers and 1 gift

3rd place: 1 medal, 1 avatar and 1 gift

You have three months to complete your task. Comment or PM if you have any questions at all. Good luck and godspeed!

Love and peace,

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Cupcake Wars ~Dark Flame 3479
Magic Ether ~SharinByaku8
Middle Soldier: Destroyer of Night and Day ~MWIcool
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