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For the first time, I will be hosting a fan art challenge based on a specific category of the "Marvel Comics Super-Heroes" franchise. For this challenge, I chose the "Mighty Thor" category as the theme as this May is the release month of the live-action theatrical film "Thor" (released on May 6, 2011), so I wanted this challenge to coincide with the movie's release, though I had to start late because I was in the middle of hosting the Action Gals In Anime and Manga challenge, which finished on May 8. Now that's overwith, here are the guidelines for this challenge:

  • Piece must feature a character who appears in the "Mighty Thor" category
  • Group pics are welcome
  • Can be based on the "Mighty Thor" comics or on the 2011 "Thor" movie itself
  • Can be black-and-white or colored
  • Can be a drawing, paiting, or 2D computer image
  • no entry limits
  • Since the "Mighty Thor" category of the "Marvel Comics Super-Heroes" franchise does not yet have its own subcategory on this website, make sure your entries go in the subcategory "Other Books/Comics"

To help you out with this challenge, the Marvel Super-Hero Thor (like any other Marvel Super-Hero) has his group of allies as well as a number of foes. Examples of Thor's foes include Loki (Thor's adoptive brother), The Absorbing Man, Amora The Enchantress, Zarkko The Tommorow Man, Executioner, Grey Gargoyle, and Ymir while examples of his allies include Donald Blake (Thor's Earthman host), Odin (Thor's father), Hercules, Jane Foster, Iron Man, Silver Surfer (also a character from the "Fantastic Four" category), Thor Girl, Thunderstrike, and Beta Ray Bill. Try visiting Wikipedia's page on Mighty Thor for more info.

That's all the details for this challenge. You have a month to submit your entries to this.

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