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To anyone who knows me, it’s no secret I’m a huge fan of vintage stuff – clothes, art styles, vehicles etc. I just love it, specifically things from the early 1900’s to through the 1950’s.
I also LOVE to see people bringing that vintage flair into their own art now, but I don’t see as much of this “modern-vintage” idea as I wish I would, especially not on theOtaku :(…

So, that is your mission in this challenge, I want you to draw something, can be anything – a scene with your characters, a characters design, a mock movie poster, anything – with a vintage flair, how do I mean that?
Draw your character(s) in vintage or vintage inspired clothes, doing popular activities of those bygone days, etc. such as if you choose to do something from the 20’s you could draw a flapper girl having fun at a nightclub (stereotypical, I know, but just an example)
Not a lot of info? Look into it, google some of those generations and get inspired, listen to old music, look up styles of art and fashion that were popular back then (google image search is a great place to look), watch old movies or news reports (can be found on youtube and stuff), all are great sources of inspiration, and not just for this challenge, but for other times too.


  • art must draw inspiration from 1910's at the earliest, and late 1950's at the latest
  • MUST be original, no fanart. all art must come completely from your own mind.
  • All media are accepted digital or traditional, you may do either, go with what you are most comfortable with.
  • Finished work only no plain linearts or obviously unfinished pencil sketches allowed, colored images are preferred, but not necessary to win, if you are more comfortable with greyscale shading, etc. feel free to go that route, however, note that your finished greyscale images must obviously appear finished when done - i.e. no visible construction lines, shading and linework should not be overly sketchy, etc.
  • Don’t steal, that’s a given.
  • Submission limit is 3 per entrant, in case the first image or images you submit are not to your liking.
  • NO VICTORIAN INSPIRED ART this is about 20th century Vintage, not 19th century or steampunk (which is Victorian inspired) I want to make that clear to prevent any confusion… if I see something obviously 1800’s or Victorian inspired it will be disqualified.
  • Have fun!, it’s about opening your mind to this genre and influence and tapping into a great source of inspiration that can stay with you as a resource long after this challenge is over.

Brownie point opportunities (not true rules or required to win, but things I just like personally):
I LOVE aviation, like, fanatical, I have piloting roots going back to the barnstorming days of the 20's. so for those who might tackle a “Golden age of Flight” theme (from about 1918 through 1939)…some major props might be in order for you :)…no pun intended lol…

I like Original characters from original “worlds” or stories, over fan OCs made to fit in with an existing series or franchise

You will have 3 months to get your piece the way you want it, or to make/submit your retries if your first submission(s) aren't what you want. and GO!

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