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Now although this is a site mainly for anime and manga, why can't we spread the love to other awesome things? Like Harry Potter!
I am a major fan of Harry Potter; read all the books, watched all of the movies that are out right now, read fanfiction, and know a bunch of useless facts!
What I want to see done here is a drawing (either B&W or color, doesn't make a difference) of a favorite person, place, thing, scene, etc. from Harry Potter (though I do accept any changes to the canon series like A Very Potter Musical/Sequel or...YAOI!!!!!!)

Winners will be decided by:
-How well it looks/it's realistic
-Passion shown within the drawing (kind of goes along with effort)

Everything is excepted but try to keep things at a PG-13 level. If there is anything higher, you won't be disqualified, but it's just not the best for a public site like this...

Winners will get
-1st: Sorry, I'd say fan art of the series of your choice, but the problem is I suck at drawing unless I'm in a drawing mood...-_- So one wallpaper and an ecard will have to do (along with a gift and a 'congrats' on your wall)
-2nd: Wallpaper, along with a gift and a 'congrats' on your wall
-3rd: Ecard, along with a gift and a 'congrats' on your wall
AND! I may do a fourth place, though they wouldn't get a medal (sadly), so...
-4th: A gift and a 'congrats' on your wall

DUE DATE IS: JULY! TWO MONTHS! (also a few days before the final movie comes out! YAY!!!!)
BE CREATIVE! Can't wait to see what everyone can come up with, and feel free to ask questions! ^_^

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